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What I discovered

Are you talking to me?

It’s difficult to think like a parrot, even with practice. Sometime you have to guess and sometime you guess wrong.

But on many things I guessed right, and the parrot is using the keyboard and increasing the number of keys pressed and the number of different keys pressed. I am also observing increased vocalizations of the sounds presented as a part of the program material.

Building prototypes is extraordinarily valuable. You do not know what you’re going to learn until you actually do it.

Building hardware is harder than building software.

And, most importantly—

Clamp material  before drilling

Clamp metal to the drill press before drilling!

What I want to do next

  • I want to develop additional modes of operation that will continue to interest the birds.
  • I want to build a second keyboard for out other parrot.
  • I want to develop a mechanism that will find images on the web and load them for use. The least frequently selected images could be replaced with a new image and sound and a regular (or random) basis.
  • I want to play video based on a key press.
  • I want to find a way to get the humans who visit my house to quit playing with the bird’s keyboard.
  • I want to test and report on several factors that may be affecting the use of the keyboard: color of the keys, size (diameter) of the keys, the position of the keys relative to the perch, and many others.


Parrot Keyboard

  • File a patent application - I have 1 year from today to do so and the clock is ticking.

In addition to my Capstone advisor, Rosalie Bujarski, I would like to express my appreciation to Ron Hartung and Marianne Vakalis who have acted as my advisors and coaches and friends through my graduate school experience, and also to the owners of the images who have given me permission to use their images on this web siter.

I would also like to thank my family for their support and love.


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